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I love this, they are the best no doubt, fantastic piece mate!

Elsa The Snow Queen pinup Elsa The Snow Queen pinup

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you should totally finish this, as someone who draws shit for their friends then half asses it later on to another, you'll feel disgusted and ashamed that you did this and didn't finish it, didn't finish.....*Cry's to self*

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n00b103 responds:

Haha. We actually just agreed on trading sketches, I did end up liking the output enough to start thinking about painting it. But yeah I see what you mean.
I still have the bare psd file anyways so I might paint this some day.

Cynthia Cynthia

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Love the drawing, love you, but if i may point out the only problem here. her legs are just a tad to short, the upper legs are fine, but the lower to ankle part is just not to proportion, other than that, great job bro

Let's Play Don't Starve! Let's Play Don't Starve!

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you play alot of valve games dont you??

Bobfleadip responds:



Zelda Twilight Princess Zelda Twilight Princess

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dude,bro level,fucking bro level,gotta love it, its legend of zelda, great stuff man

AlsoSpratchMariano responds:

Hey thanks,glad you like it

Kiss Meme Kiss Meme

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thought's? pretty fucking funny,favorites got to be the ear.though its weird that only the guy close's his eye's and not the girl,but still pretty good =3

Lyra Lyra

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creepy, yet cute at the same time, if you wait long enough the picture changes, very cool indeed